Our Accomplishments

Transportation California represents the construction industry and workforce that builds, repairs, and maintains California’s multimodal transportation system. Founded in 1990, we are non-partisan, non-profit coalition whose management and labor member organizations provide for more than 200,000 California jobs. We advocate for solutions to improve our infrastructure, grow the economy, and enhance our quality of life.

Transportation California has played a leadership role in every major state transportation funding effort since 1990 and most recently as part of the Fix Our Roads Coalition which advocated for the passage of SB 1 – the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 – and ACA 5 which will generate over $54 billion in dedicated and constitutionally protected revenue for investment in our transportation system.

Since our formation, Transportation California has also:

  • Led the continuing effort to preserve transportation funding in the State Budget in the face of unprecedented fiscal crises in California​​.
  • Sponsored legislation (SB 1077; 2012) to explore alternative funding sources to the gas tax, which is a declining revenue stream as fuel efficiency increases and vehicles use other energy sources.
  • Partnered with the California Alliance for Jobs and other transportation stakeholders in 2006 to win overwhelming approval of Proposition 1A to safeguard transportation funds and Proposition 1B – the nearly $20 billion transportation infrastructure bond.
  • Led the effort to pass Proposition 42 (sales tax on gasoline) to increase funding for transportation projects on the November 2002 ballot.
  • Helped pass Proposition 2 in 1998, a measure designed to protect dollars in the state highway fund from diversion. Proposition 2 was approved by 75 percent of California voters.
  • Supported passage of AB 1012 (1999) to expedite delivery of transportation projects.
  • Led the fight for Proposition 192 to support earthquake retrofitting.
  • Supported Propositions 108 and 111 which created the Transportation Blueprint for the last decade of the 20th century. Proposition 111 increased the gas tax from 9 to 18 cents, and Proposition 108 provided bonding for transit development and expansion. Proposition 108 represented the first significant attempt to address the new demands of transportation infrastructure in California since Governor Pat Brown’s administration.

California continues to grapple with numerous intersecting policy issues including affordable housing and homelessness, climate change, and equity which have various influences and impacts for transportation funding and policy. While State spending has significantly increased in recent years thanks to SB 1, the statewide multimodal transportation system still faces large project backlogs and funding shortfalls resulting from decades of underinvestment. The State is once again facing a severe economic crisis due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and Transportation California will continue to led transportation industry efforts to protect SB 1 and other transportation investments, which are vital to the state’s recovery and overall economy.

We know that continuing to move ahead means safer roads, greater transportation options, more jobs, a cleaner environment, and a stronger economic future.